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Whale Sounds, Rockets, Cow Tagging, TV Special Effects, & Angioplasty

LRW Engineering is a husband - wife team that has experienced an incredible universe of scientific and engineering challenges throughout their careers.

Larry Weiner has a BSEE from University of Florida. His first job was to help design a Video TimeBase Corrector for a broadcast video equipment company in Gainesville, Florida. Following a brief stint at Kennedy Space Center, where he worked on instrumentation for the Space Shuttle program he was recruited by Ampex Corporation, a major supplier of TV and recording equipment in Silicon Valley. While at Ampex, he worked in a Signal and Image Processing research facility that took on a broad spectrum of government and private contracts for the company. One such contract was to automate the recognition of various marine mammal sounds from hydrophone data. Another project consisted of ground-breaking research in the field of Optical Computing. Many of those concepts fed the development of current technologies for CD-ROM, DVD, and Light Modulators for display systems. Other experience on his resume includes time with International Imaging Systems and Xonics Imaging, which sold image processing systems for both earth resource management and medical applications.

Around 1984, Larry discovered that given the half-life of Silicon Valley start-ups, he could become a consultant and do pretty much the same challenging stuff, only with MORE work and LESS meetings. Also in 1984, Larry married Ann Weiner who had also been a Staff Engineer with Ampex Corporation.

Ann has a BSEE from NorthWestern University and was actually recruited to Ampex by none other than Larry (that's a story best left for the FAQ section). At Ampex, Ann designed and developed algorithms and systems for optical pattern matching systems. A talent which later helped at KLA Instruments, a major vendor of semiconductor alignment and fabrication equipment. Just prior to joining LRW Engineering, Ann worked for XCI, a start-up with a series of patents for the very young RF Identification marketplace. One of her assignments there was to apply RFID tags and readers to a dairy farm setting. She also participated in one of the earliest automated bridge toll collection experiments in San Diego.

For the past 20 years, Larry and Ann have served as an engineering resource for over 40 different clients and companies. Some of our original clients STILL use our services. Most all of our work comes from referrals. We have spent extremely little time in marketing our services. The creation of this website is an exception. It was largely motivated by our relocation from Silicon Valley to Brentwood Tennessee in 2005 and our 20th anniversary of the business.

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