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Reducing Your Development Risks

Over forty clients worldwide have discovered our method of matching expectations to performance. We spend time upfront BEFORE the contract is made to identify risks and list tasks and define the project. We want a great outcome --- and so do you. Our list of clients include giants like Siemens, Philips, and Sony --- as well as small Silicon Valley startups who need a jumpstart.

Meeting Expectations

What does it take to make an engineering project successful? Mostly, it takes a team that has the right expertise. Every niche specialty task will be covered in some fashion. Even if that means buying or renting outside expertise from vendors or contractors. But above all of the tactical issues of staffing and scheduling and reporting -- every member of that team should embrace the strategic task of meeting expectations. At LRW Engineering, from the very initial discussions about the proposed project, we are looking "over the horizon" at how the customer is going to move this concept into production. From fantasy into reality. From concept to market. The real expectation is to make, manufacture and sell something. That means we will do whatever is required to help the customer get to market. We don't just drop off a prototype and a notebook. If the customer wants us to provide turnkey small volume production builds --- we arrange for that. If the customer needs continuing software support --- we plan for that. If the customer will be required to pass safety or emissions testing, we mention that and provide liaison until it's done. We've discovered it really IS our job to take expectations apart piece by piece and propose projects and programs that avoid all the obstacles.

That's why you can bring us into your product design discussions without getting tangled in contractuals. We will not take a contract until we understand the customer's expectations and how well we are suited to the required tasks. And before we propose or quote a job, both parties will already know the risks involved and the requirements for a successful project.

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